5 Things to Do in Mykonos

If you're feeling more adventurous, go off the main road and take the walkable path from Platys Gialos to Paradise Beach.


Enroute to Mykonos

I know a lot of people are confused between flying and taking the ferry to the islands (we were too). But there are persuasive reasons for taking the ferry.

First Stop: Athens

That evening we pretty much just walked around the Plaka area. Its quaint cobbled streets are lined with restaurants. The streets take you around the Acropolis Museum, Hadrian's Arch, the Roman Agora, the Ancient Agora of Athens, and the Acropolis itself.

Old Delhi – A Study in Time Travel

Old Delhi is not to be seen; it is to be experienced. It is the rarest, most charming experience the city can offer; the swanky malls of New Delhi are replaced by quaint little shops housed in the ground floor of old brick-bare houses, and big luxury cars make way for hand-pulled rickshaws – it’s the closest thing to time-travel you’ll ever witness.

Honeymoon in Greece

I took to researching about Greece like a moth to a flame. It became my favorite pastime; by the time we were ready to leave for Greece, I felt I knew our destinations - Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini - inside out!


Agra is a mere 3-hour drive from Delhi. Apart from the Taj Mahal, Agra houses enchanting tombs and forts. Cruising through the Yamuna Expressway at lightning speed, we reached the busy streets of Agra in no time.

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