Budget Restaurants in Mykonos Town

Where to eat in Mykonos town and what


Our Mykonian “Adventure”

If I don’t find him, should I stay back in Mykonos a few more days or should I go back home? Will I have to settle down in Mykonos to solve the mystery of my missing husband?

Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town is everything you think of when you think of Greece - charming, winding, cobbled paths dotted with white and blue houses garlanded by bright, creeping Bougainvilleas.

Getting Around in Mykonos

Mykonos is not a well-connected island. The main bus station is at Fabrika and there are different bus routes for the beaches. The beaches themselves, are, however, not connected by buses.

Enroute to Mykonos

I know a lot of people are confused between flying and taking the ferry to the islands (we were too). But there are persuasive reasons for taking the ferry.

First Stop: Athens

That evening we pretty much just walked around the Plaka area. Its quaint cobbled streets are lined with restaurants. The streets take you around the Acropolis Museum, Hadrian's Arch, the Roman Agora, the Ancient Agora of Athens, and the Acropolis itself.

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