Of Sleepy Towns and Charging Bulls

For a brief while before the age of three, I lived with my mother and maternal grandparents in Siliguri, a sleepy town on the northern part of West Bengal.


A Grocery List of Nostalgia

Looking back on the time we spent in the sleepy town of Trivandrum, most memories come into focus against a select few backdrops - our home, my parents’ workplace, my best friend’s house, and my school, curiously in that order. An unusual suspect on this list is Mohan kada (or Mohan’s shop), our friendly neighborhood grocer.

Grecian Knick-Knacks

Think of Greece and what immediately comes to mind is white and blue houses. While Greece is that, it is also so much more. Here are 5 iconic things about Greece that caught our eye on our visit to the country.

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