Of Little Women and Large Dreams

I was greeted by a room full of bright-eyed young girls. They were shy at first, and I attempted to break the ice by introducing myself as warmly as possible. Some smiled and nodded, others stared on blankly. I felt unsure.


Puffed Rice with a Slice of Coconut

Growing up in Trivandrum and visiting Kolkata once a year, I'd romanticized the city for as long as I can remember. Every summer, we made a month-long trip to Kolkata. Kolkata, the city of joy. Kolkata, the city in which my parents grew up and fell in love. Kolkata, the city which held my loved... Continue Reading →

A Grocery List of Nostalgia

Looking back on the time we spent in the sleepy town of Trivandrum, most memories come into focus against a select few backdrops - our home, my parents’ workplace, my best friend’s house, and my school, curiously in that order. An unusual suspect on this list is Mohan kada (or Mohan’s shop), our friendly neighborhood grocer.

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