Grecian Knick-Knacks

“Gradually the magic of the island settled over us as gently and clingingly as pollen.”

– Gerald Durrell

Think of Greece and what immediately comes to mind is white and blue houses. While Greece is that, it is also so much more. Here are 5 iconic things about Greece that caught our eye on our visit to the country.

  1. The evil eye – While the evil eye actually denotes a “negative glare” that can result in misfortunes on the person looked upon with the eye, the iconic blue “evil eye” is a talisman of sorts believed to ward off the evil glare. These evil eyes come in all sizes and forms – on keychains, bags, and t-shirts – and can be found in every corner of Greece.
  2. The Aegean cat – This particular race of domestic cats naturally occur in the Cycladic islands and are a delight to spot on the streets! They’re usually fluffy and non-threatening, and surprisingly nonchalant to tourists!
Cat. The keeper of gates.

3. Donkeys – The donkey is the most common animal all over Greece, second only to the cat. Santorini, in particular, is home to a lot of donkeys, due to its mountainous terrain. It’s also a major tourist attraction here as tourists take donkey rides on the path leading up to Oia from Fira.

Donkeys enjoying an Oian sunset

4. Donkey Beer – Produced by the Santorini Brewing company, this brand of beer comes in 6 variants – yellow, red, crazy, white, slow, and lazy (rhymes, doesn’t it ;))! Yellow and lazy ass have the least amount of alcohol at 5%, while slow donkey is the strongest at 9%! All variants are lagered ale.

A cold, yellow donkey on a hot, sultry day

5. Bougainvillea – My personal favorite in this list! Imagine large, pink clouds of bougainvillea gently adorning blue doors and windowsills, set against white walls. Even though the bougainvillea isn’t my favorite flower, and it doesn’t look half as impressive elsewhere, it lends a subtle charm to the quaint Cycladean cottages.

Clouds, white and pink

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