Budget Restaurants in Ornos

  • Markos Falafel: This is my favorite restaurant in all of Mykonos. Markos runs the restaurant and serves his guests himself. He handpicks the freshest produce every morning and ensures only top quality stuff make it to his kitchen. His son also helps out in the kitchen, and together they cook up magic.

On our first day at Mykonos, we walked to Markos Falafel for a quick lunch, a mere 2 mins walk from our hotel in Ornos. I had the Mykonian SausageĀ Souvlaki, while my husband had the Kebab Beef Souvlaki, each 3.5 EUR.


The following day, we went back for brunch (the place opens at 11.45 am). I had a BBQ Kebab Souvlaki, while my husband was happy to sip on their Frappe (2 EUR). The souvlakis keep your belly happy long into the day AND they’re easy on the pockets!

  • Lefteris: Situated just 65 m from the Ornos beach, this is a great place to grab a meal if you want to be close to the sea and yet avoid the exorbitant prices at the seaside restaurants. The gyros and Greek salads here are popular, of course, like any other place in Greece. If you’re in the mood for something special though, try the stuffed pork. Slightly fancies than Markos’, this place is also great for drinks in laidback, authentic Greek setting.

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