Our Mykonian “Adventure”

As you know, on Day 2 of our honeymoon, we explored Mykonos Town. (Also read about our Day 1 and how to get to Mykonos 🙂). While I talked about what a treat Mykonos Town was here, here’s what really happened!

Starting from the Fabrika bus station, my husband and I had walked quite far along into the interior of Mykonos Town. Walking along one of the winding roads in Mykonos town, the two of us inadvertently split ways. I’d momentarily turned into a tiny bylane on my right and when I turned around, my husband was gone. I retraced my footsteps to the main lane, but he was nowhere!

After walking up and down a few adjoining lanes trying to spot my missing husband, sheer terror overcame me as I realized we were lost in what was essentially a Mykonian maze. Both our phones were switched off and there was absolutely no way I could reach him.

After some quick thinking, I decided, on not finding me, he must have retraced our steps back to the bus station in the hope that we’d eventually find each other there. With this hope, I walked (nay, ran) all the way back to the bus station. He was nowhere.

I then ran all the way back to the spot where we’d parted ways. I peered into every shop along the way and asked every friendly face I could find. He still wasn’t there.

In my head, we were bang in the middle of the maze and hence, it seemed quite implausible to me that he’d walk further up the maze rather than opting for the safer option of going back to the bus station and waiting for me there.

I ran back to the bus station a second time. He still wasn’t there. By now, I’d started panicking and imagining the worst possible scenarios. What if I never find him? He has no money on him and he can’t get to the hotel. Maybe someone kidnapped him. If I don’t find him, should I stay back in Mykonos a few more days or should I go back home? Will I have to settle down in Mykonos to solve the mystery of my missing husband? Are there jobs in Mykonos?

While I wrote the premise of my suspense thriller novel in my head, I made a third trip back to our initial mystery spot. From here, I finally decided to move forward into the maze and check one last time.

Just a few steps ahead, I was surprised to see the maze end and give way to the seashore. And at the edge of the seashore, sat my husband watching the sunset as peacefully as a housecat by the fireplace.


I ran and stopped just a couple of steps away from my husband, and proceeded to unleash my wrath on him. How could he sit here watching the sunset while I ran in terror across Mykonos town?!

He was unfazed. Apparently, he continued to walk along the main lane, not realizing I’d taken a right turn. By the time he turned around, I was gone. He then assumed I’d stopped to buy something and would, of course, catch up with him eventually. By this time, he’d spotted the seashore; he then proceeded to the shore and found himself a comfortable spot to enjoy the sunset.

Moral of the story: Do NOT go exploring on your own if you’re visiting Mykonos Town with a companion. Or at least get a fully functional phone connection.

Aside: There really is a suspense thriller based in Mykonos AND they stole my title!


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