Getting Around in Mykonos

A little after noon on Day 2 of our honeymoon, we reached Mykonos. (Also read about our Day 1 and how to get from Athens to Mykonos :)) The Mykonos port is small but busy. Most big hotels here send private buses or cabs for their guests. Ours wasn’t as fancy (obviously :)), and so we waited in line for the local taxi.

After a short wait, we boarded our cab. The drivers are familiar with all the hotels and, once they know your destination, look for more passengers traveling in the same direction to share the cab. Our hotel was in Ornos, so we picked up another passenger headed the same way to the MyCocoon Hostel.

The cab ride to our hotel, Cyclades Studios, was roughly 15 mins and cost us 15 EUR. After checking in, we proceeded to Markos Falafel for lunch, a mere 2 mins walk from the hotel. Markos Falafel is pretty much the best restaurant on the island, but more on this later 🙂

After a quick lunch, we wasted no time to get to Ornos beach, again a mere 2 mins walk from the hotel, but in the opposite direction. Ornos is a relatively small beach. The beach is lined with sunbeds right up to the edge of the water, leaving no room for a simple stroll along the beach. Honestly, we were a little put off by this, being accustomed to the vast, open beaches in India.


Swarming sunbeds


Our initial plan was to spend the rest of the day lazing on the beach, and beach hopping the following day. But given our disappointment with Ornos, we decided to do the beach hopping on that very day.

The next beach we wanted to hit was Platys Gialos, 3.6 km from Ornos beach, followed by Paradise Beach, another 1.6 km from Platys Gialos. Again, the initial plan was to beach-hop on foot, but we didn’t really feel up to it that particular afternoon. As we stood there chalking out our next steps, we realized we were standing at the Ornos bus station.

A bus soon arrived but it was going to Fabrika or Mykonos Town. We knew this was not in the direction of Platys Gialos and enquired if there’d be another bus to Platys Gialos later. Much to our dismay, we found there were no direct buses from Ornos to Platys Gialos or any of the other beaches we intended to cover.




Mykonos is not a well-connected island. The main bus station is at Fabrika and there are different bus routes for the beaches. The beaches themselves, are, however, not connected by buses.

The best way to get around the island is to rent a scooter, ATV, or car. Rental shops can be found everywhere. We didn’t have two-wheeler license so scooters and ATVs were out. We had an Indian car license, but not an international one (note to self for next time -_-), and so we couldn’t rent a car either.

We’d read about water taxis connecting the popular beaches too, but didn’t find any at Ornos that afternoon.

Begrudgingly, we boarded the bus to Fabrika. It was 1.8 EUR per person (standard for any bus on any route on the island). On reaching Fabrika, 15 mins later, we found there were different buses that go to Platys Gialos and Paradise Beach. Figuring that we were already too tired and late to visit multiple beaches that day, we decided to hang out in Mykonos town instead. Beach-hopping was postponed to the next day as per the original schedule.




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