First Stop: Athens

We set out from New Delhi on a Friday evening. We had an Emirates flight to Athens with a 10-hour layover at Dubai! After a mildly harrowing 20-hour journey, we finally landed at Athens at 3 pm local time on a Saturday afternoon. The line at immigration wasn’t too long, and before we knew it, we were well on our way to the city.

Ya-sas, Athens!

The Athens airport metro station is just across the road as soon as you exit Eleftherios Venizelos. A one-way ticket to the city center costs 10 EUR. It’s valid for 90 minutes, and you may change the metro lines as many times as you want. Our Airbnb was located at Evdoxou. We took the blue line (M3) to Syntagma Square, changed to the red line (M2) here and disembarked at Neos Kosmos. From Neos Kosmos, our Airbnb was a mere 800 meters.

Neos Kosmos, though not the ideal location if you want to spend all your time in the Acropolis area, is a beautiful, quiet neighborhood. (Aside: Monastiraki is ideal but noisy and crowded). To be honest, we were very happy with the location, especially when, on our short walk around the neighborhood, spotted the Acropolis nearby! The Acropolis was a 25-minute walk from our Airbnb.

A glimpse of the Acropolis from Neos Kosmos

That evening we pretty much just walked around the Plaka area. Its quaint cobbled streets are lined with restaurants. The streets take you around the Acropolis Museum, Hadrian’s Arch, the Roman Agora, the Ancient Agora of Athens, and the Acropolis itself. Plenty of people were enjoying their evening stroll here; some stopped to observe the street performers.

Happy to be lost in such picturesque streets

We continued our walk uphill along the edge of the Acropolis to get to Klepsydra’s, a charming little cafe that was much recommended on a bunch of websites I’d browsed. Despite our GPS, the narrow, winding lanes proved to be quite confusing though we didn’t regret the walk even for a second! Also, there are cats. Everywhere in Greece. So much so, that they also feature proudly on souvenirs!

“Be warned, I shall uphold my sacred oath to protect this realm as its gatekeeper.”

After dinner, we walked around some more around Plaka (it’s really lively at night!) and then back to our Airbnb – called it an early night cuz we had a ferry to Mykonos early the next morning!


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