Eats in Greece. Pt 3: Saganaki



A saganaki is your basic fried cheese. Whaaaat?! It’s a popular Greek appetizer, and IT IS TO DIE FOR. Greeks often follow this up with the mousakka for a complete fare. The saganaki cheese is usually graviera, kefalograviera, halloumi, kasseri, kefalotyri, or sheep’s milk feta cheese.

It also comes in various variants like the prawn saganaki, pork saganaki, or chicken saganaki. They’re basically just prawn, pork or chicken fried with cheese. (My mouth is watering already.)


Restaurants large and small – in Greece. (NOT at every street corner shack though, unlike the gyro or souvlaki).

How much:

About 4-12 EUR depending on how fancy a place you fancy!


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