Eats in Greece. Pt 1: Gyro



The Greek dish gyro or gyros comprises of grilled* meat, salads, tzatziki, and french fries all wrapped sinfully in pita bread. Most popular in Greece is the pork gyro, while chicken and beef (and sometimes even fish!) are also common. Salads include tomatoes, onions, and lettuce. Tzatziki is a yoghurt sauce that slathers the meat and salads, giving them a unique flavour. The french fries seemed an odd addition to me at first: you can either eat the whole wrap as it was meant to be, or follow my route and have it on the side 🙂

*The meat may either be scraped from a large mass of meat grilled continuously on a rotisserie or chunks of kebabs grilled on skewers (souvlaki).


At every corner of every city in Greece!

How much:

Small shops charge anything between 2.5 and 6 EUR. Fancier places can charge up to 25 EUR. Why spend 10x more when you can score the same (or maybe an even tastier) fare at 2.5!

P.S. These will keep both your belly and pocket full! My husband and I swore by these babies all through our trip.


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